Morrowan Communication System

The Morrowan Communication System (MCS) is essentially a magical telegraph. Large cities and even many towns will have clerics capable of performing the Sending spell. Prior to the MCS, the cost of sending was several hundred gold. The MCS has put it down to a system that has lessened the price dramatically.

To send a message to another person one writes a message and is placed on a waiting list. Unless it is an exceptionally busy time, one can expect their message to go within a day or three. Priority is determined by several things, including cost. If it is an urgent message, you can pay more to secure that your message will be placed at the top of the list.

The cost of sending varies depending on the size and location of the church. Larger churches in larger cities have more clerics capable of casting and handling the work load.

The MCS does have Sending scrolls, but they are not any less expensive to buy. However, their purchase price does go to support the church infrastructure.

Morrowan Communication System

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