Limb Loss and Injury

(D.C.s and damage incurred currently being play tested.)

When the damage of an enemy hit is equal to or greater than half of the target’s total hitpoints, a *limb may be lost or injured. (Round up to determine half. Ex. “Half” of 25 is 13.)

To determine if the limb is lost, the target must make a fortitude save. On a success, the limb will be badly injured and painful to use for the remainder of the fight. On a failure, the limb is lost.

If a limb is badly injured, it can still be used. Each time the limb is used in combat, a fortitude save must be made. If successful, the limb takes no additional damage or injury. If the save does not succeed, it suffers additional damage. Regardless of the save’s success or failure, the action is successfully completed.

An injured limb is injured for five days – whether it is used in future battles or completely at rest. If used in battle during this time, fortitude saves are necessary for each attempt. Additional damage is incurred on failed saves as when injury was first inflicted.

Example: Target has 25 hitpoints and is struck in one hit for 13 damage. On a successful fortitude save, the target keeps its limb. On its turn, the target uses the limb in battle. At the end of its turn, it will make a fortitude save. On a failed roll, it will take damage (zero for a success). As time goes on, the target finds it harder and harder to use the injured limb without causing itself damage. After the battle, the target will be unable to use its limb for five days. Two days later, the target engages in battle again. It successfully passes its fortitude saves and takes no damage for utilizing the injured limb. On day five, the limb is considered uninjured.

  • Use a D4 to determine which limb is injured. If it makes more sense for it to be arms versus legs or vice versus, then use high/low good to determine the left or right limb.

Limb Loss and Injury

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