Lupar Degrata

5'8", greying dark brown hair, beard, hazel eyes, wrinkled and weathered, early 50s


Degrata’s family origins aren’t entirely clear cut – this may be because he is of mixed blood.

He is a merchant of around 50 – 60 summers. He is spry and loves his work. Though greying and weathered by time and travel, he is still full of energy and is not a fat man.

In casual conversation and by observation, the group knows that he is Morrowan and devoutly so (this can be seen most often in that at dinner, he will always give thanks to Morrow for a safe journey and good food). He is also very loyal to his crew of five who are in turn very loyal to him. They are all well trained and fight well together. The crew is also Morrowan and are honest in their worship of their god.

Degrata is quite prosperous and makes the route between Fellig and Tarna often.

Lupar Degrata

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