Wren Gabriele Blackwood

20s, 5'9", 144 lbs, black hair, emerald green eyes


Wren is a striking girl who has captured the attention of several men in her travels, in particular, Arthur Mateu of Five Fingers. She has a very beautiful and enchanting voice. Additionally, she has a large repertoire of songs, ballads, and stories to sing and tell, much to the delight of traveling companions and any traveler who might stop at inns and bars where she is resting for the night.

Wren has the travel bug and even a handsome man can’t keep her tied to one place. Though she left over two weeks ago, Wren is devoted in keeping in contact with Arthur and sends him carrier pidgins telling the stories of her travel. She fights using magic and daggers. She is clad in leather armour covered by a greatcoat.

Wren Gabriele Blackwood

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