Mishka Krasnovovich

Umbrian, 20s, 6'0", 190 lbs, black hair, light crystal blue eyes


Mishka is a messenger for the church. This probably explains why he doesn’t have much armour or weaponry. Messengers though well cared for are not often well-paid or equipped. The church would more than likely keep him with groups of others to keep the messenger safe.

He is a very attractive and friendly fellow as many of the ladies will tell you. He seems to be easy going but very concerned about his work as a messenger for the church. Though his eye is easily turned by a pretty face, he never loses sight of his missions.

He doesn’t use the weapon or two at his belt very often. This may be because as a messenger, he wouldn’t have been trained to be highly skilled in weapon use. However, he can throw a decent punch or two, possibly due to the occasional bar fights with disgruntled boyfriends?

Mishka is Umbrian and wears a short brimmed hat.

Mishka Krasnovovich

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