The Iron Kingdoms - Witchfire

March 13 & 14

March 13th

We begin with the group resting after conferring with others.

Kale Meriadecsen wakes up and heads for the store of Victor Frazier. There he meets with Victor for the first time and speaks with Ellen Frazier again. He offers her an upgrade to the store lock. During the conversation it becomes evident that Victor had no idea what was going on in his house while unconscious. He is very disgruntled in all that Ellen didn’t tell him (such as Father Thomas Prandel being taken). He is rather rude to the ogrun. Ellen gets upset, scolds Victor, tells Kale a few things she probably shouldn’t and invites the ogrun and his friends to dinner. Victor only brightens up at this idea when Kale mentions that one of his friends is a dwarf.

Kale returns to the cathedral to find everyone but Mishka awake. The girls go to the kitchen to make cake from a recipe found on the cathedrals cork board and the men continue eating. Mishka saunters down to the cafeteria shortly thereafter.

The group is asked to see Prelate Daltry in his quarters about an hour or so before they are to meet with the Fraziers. Prelate Daltry gives the group writs of recommendation and asks if they would be willing to help escort a steamboat owned by, Captain Serin, to Tarna. From there they are to make a couple of stops on their way to Fellig. The group agrees and after the meeting heads out to the Fraziers. He also asks if any of the group is familiar with engines and is quite pleased to hear that Jurg is. Apparently Serin has a gobber interested in learning more about engine maintenance.

The rest of the group meets Aaron Frazier. Armed with caramels given to them by Kale, they proceed to silence him with sweets while Ellen finishes up dinner. Victor comes down and immediately takes Jurg to his library room (the same place Father Prandel was taken from).

In this room he has a priceless, 250-year-old clock made by the clan of Serric (world famous Dwarven family known for their Serric Steel). Jurg looks at the clock and identifies what needs to be fixed. He chastises Victor for his neglectful ways and tells him it will cost quite a bit to fix it. The only word Victor hears is “fix” and he immediately grabs the dwarf and hauls him to a friends “nuts and bolts” store to acquire four new springs for the clock.

Upon returning, the group sits down to dinner and directly afterwards Victor, Kale, Jurg, and Mishka head for the library were Jurg begins the painstaking process of fixing this incredible clock.

In the wee hours of the morning, Mishka and Kale leave Jurg alone to investigate sounds that resemble that of a fight. After following a trail of blood to the sewers, they jump in and begin to search for the victim and his assailants. They see the body of a man lying face down in the sewers and only by the grace of Morrow does Mishka see the assailant who seems almost part of the sewer. The strange being moves and skitters like a half-man type of being. Kale and Mishka fend off the creature and drag the injured man to the cathedral for healing.

They then return to the Fraziers. The next morning, they eat breakfast with the family and then head out for the cathedral. Kale and Mishka report to Captain Carris about the strange creature that attacked the man. Upon further investigation later, it is determined that it was simply a random attack on the recently homeless man.

When Wren tells Arthur about her planned journey, he will take her to get carrier pidgins and give her money to write to him and his students about her adventures. He is excited for her, but will miss her a great deal.

The group prepares to leave the next morning before daybreak.

March 14th

The group heads for the boat at 5am so they can arrive before day break according to Serin’s request. They are trailed by unknown people but reach the boat safely. Captain Serin asks them to help finish loading the boat with the few small crates remaining. He looks directly at Kale when making the request as he is after all and ogrun. When he learns that Jurg is the mechanic of the group, he leads him down below to meet Gar. Jurg and Gar will develop quite the mutual respect and Gar writes down everything Jurg does – particularly when he fixes a portion of the engine that was constructed poorly.

For the first two hours of voyage, Serin insists that all aboard remain lively and alert. The group sees moving figures in the woods along the river as they go, but no one attacks. They pass the day in shifts and nothing of note happens. At around 3am the boat pulls to a stop because it is too dark to venture through the shallows. Jurg, concerned about a strange noise, will spend the next four hours trying to ascertain what is wrong.

Around an hour into the halt, Kale and Wren hear something. The boat is then boarded by fish like men. The group puts up quite the fight and is able to throw them back into what appears to be rather dangerous, fish infested waters. They acquire a bog-trog parka which is made to camouflage a medium sized creature in the swamp.

As daylight breaks, the boat eases forward again and arrives in Tarna mid-day. The boat is unloaded and the group meets Lupar Degrata. This is the man whom the group will be escorting from Tarna to Fellig. Degrata has five crew, six including himself, and three wagons filled to the top with cargo. Degrata will travel to the outskirts of town and have the group settle at a very nice inn for the night. He asks that the group keep watch over his things throughout the night.

The next day, the group starts out into the chilly fall day. Winter is in the air and several in the group recognize that the plains are far quieter than normal, probably due to weather. They sight several large raptors but other than this, the first part of their journey is uneventful. The crew is pleased and slightly surprised by how peaceful the journey to Armendor has been.

From Armendor to Fellig, the group spots a small trail of smoke. As they approach, they begin to smell a terrible stench. The caravan comes across the remains of another caravan that has been burnt. When Kale and Mishka go to investigate, they are attacked by rather large bugs and retrieve a wooden crate that is 6 cubic feet in volume. Kale keeps this to himself and later looks at the contents (two books and some fabric). That night, some of the watches begin to hear noises.

Throughout the next two to three nights, the unknown growls and movements remain fairly distant, but seem to grow in number and volume. Degrata begins to contemplate making a straight shot for Fellig. After counseling with the group, he decides to camp on the road and sets up extra fires.

During Inara and Mishka’s watch, they noise of the unknown creatures begins to crescendo and close in from all sides. The two on watch wake the others in time to receive a rush from several demon-dogs. The group is able to fend off the beasts, but are badly wounded. Degrata’s resident medic cleans them up as much as possible with salves and creams. The group removes the bodies and at day break they head into Fellig.

In Fellig Degrata pays them for their excellent work, gives them writs of recommendation, and introduces the group to Gunner Waddock who will be the caravan they escort to Corvis. Gunner intends to leave in two days and sets the group up at a small inn while they wait for him to finish his business.

Kale attempts to return the crate he found to the shipping office in hopes of receiving a reward, but no one can clearly and definitely identify the crate.



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